And the Winner With Massive Revisions is….Jackie!

Yup, consensus is revisions! Lucky me! Well, I have to say, it was nothing I didn’t expect. When I wrote the partial I thought it was the best I’d ever done – certainly better than the last one – but of course, over the space of five months, you learn. And once you’ve learned, you realise that in fact you could have done better. Hindsight is a wonderful thing.

Anyway, so my choices are revising or subbing something new but since they’ve given me the option of revising, that’s what I’m going to do. It’s an important skill to learn and I want to show them that I can do it. However, I do have a tendency to go to extremes – I’ll either completely rewrite so it’s a new story, or I won’t change it enough. Argh!! Somehow I have to find a happy medium.

So if anyone out there spots a happy medium, can they send it on to me??

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  1. Congrats, Jackie!! Being on a second round of revisions myself , I can say unequivocally that, in some ways, revising is harder than starting fresh. But, you’re right. It’s a necessary skill that everyone MUST learn. Good luck!


  2. So glad you’ve FINALLY heard, Jax! I believe you can totally conquer the revisions and do a brilliant job, but just in case you need it, I’ve spotted a happy medium on ebay. Off to put my bid in for you!


  3. Amy – yes indeed, it is a killer! I’ve done it before and failed, I don’t want to fail this time round!

    Maya – yeah, yay to hearing! Oh and thanks for the happy medium. Let me know what the bids go up to. I’ll pay anything! 🙂

  4. So glad you finally heard, Jackie. And sympathize with your fears too.

    But give it a day and make a plan and attack it. I have complete faith that you will do it right this time. In the mean time, have a couple of chocolate martinis. that’s your favorite, right?

  5. Am off to the playground this morning but will look out for happy mediums lurking on the swings or in the slippery dip tunnel thingy.
    Great that you’ve heard back. Everything crossed for you!

  6. You’re absolutely right, Jackie. I think knowing how to revise is about the most important thing…heck…I haven’t made it through a single MS without teh massive revisions. Wouldn’t matter at all if I could right an almost there MS but couldn’t fix it.

  7. Huzzah!

    You’ve heard back!
    You’re still in pole position!
    You still have an editor’s ear!
    You have options!
    The list of pluses is wonderfully endless!

    Happy Days!

  8. Sri – indeed,chocolate martinis are the way of the future I think…

    Becca – thanks! I’m going to need the crossed fingers. 🙂

    Maisey – yeah,I need an attack plan. It’s getting there…Slowly…

    Lacey – thanks! I just hope I find the happy medium in time. 🙂

  9. yay Jackie! the pluses are huge! They didn’t say NO! so it is huge!
    You can do it! So proud for you. Way to go!!
    And going to give the conference a miss this year, though i really want to go, we really are strapped for cash so i won’t even bring it to the table, poor husband :(.
    But yay for your revisions!!! Going to be working harder at my draft and thinking positive too!
    Have a martini for me.

  10. Wow Jackie !! WTG 🙂
    After so long a wait.. and you have the revisions.. Remember the words “fairy dust” 😉 You have something they loved and ensure they love that more 😉 glad you are opting to R & R..

    And feeling so wonderful that you got response after such a wracking wait ! This time keep your fingers intact to tackle those revisions !!

  11. Glad at least they put you out of your misery. I’m not sure what the specific feedback is, but you can do it! They (the editors) sure do seem invested in your success, Jackie. Remember that, OK? If they didn’t think you were going to get there, they wouldn’t bother. You’ll find your happy medium.

  12. Kerrin – gosh, thanks for the lovely words! Sad you’re not coming to conference but yeah, money is tough everywhere isn’t it? One martini or three coming right up…

    Ju – yes, I have to keep telling myself it’s a good thing. But I can see why subbing something new is worth it. But very definitely pleased to have a response!

    Kaily – I’ll post more specific feedback. It’s really to do with the specifics of the ms rather than any writing – though I was too obvious with my conflict. There are fine lines, subtle vs too subtle vs too obvious. Gah!
    I just want to be able to feel like I’m moving forward so I guess this is one way to do it.

  13. On my way to work so just commenting briefly (and no time to comment on any other blogs or your last post, but will come back to them at the weekend):

    But, just wanted to say a BIG FAT YAY. That’s such good news. I know it looks like hard word at the moment, but it will be worth it. And, from what I understand, everyone gets revisions so all that’s heppening is you’re one step closer to your call.


  14. Suzanne – yes, indeed, I should be glad about it. I was hoping more for minimal revisions and a full please but sadly not. Ah well, the day is still young!

  15. I’m sure everyone was hoping you’d be asked for the full – I know I was. But, although this isn’t quite what we wanted, it is still good news.


  16. I guess the thing is that I do know what was wrong with the partial – it didn’t come as a complete shock to me in other words. But the door isn’t shut, that’s the main thing I suppose.

  17. Jackie, Yay! Well done on the revisions request. At least it wasn’t ‘we think you should start on something new’. One step closer, one keen editor who wants to see you succeed. And you will. Get yourself a pitcher of chocolate martinis and start right back at it. We’re all rooting for you!

  18. Judy – thanks!! I’m trying to keep smiling as I plan my massive rewrites. Nah, it’ll make for a much better story. 😉

    Sally – Well, it was just about. Revise or take what you’ve learned to a new project. Argh! Thanks for the pitcher of chocolate martinis and thanks heaps also for the faith. It certainly helps in this horrible business eh? 🙂

  19. One step nearer to your goal, Jackie. Well done! I know revisions can feel like a form of failure, but really, you didn’t get an outright ‘no thanks’ as I did, so at least you’re still in the race. And it may well be that these revisions get you the requested full. I wouldn’t tear it apart and send an almost unrecognizable ms, unless that’s part of what has been requested. Just follow their suggestions as closely as possible. Does that give you room for a happy medium?

    I had to revise my Tudor partial massively for that agent, and now it’s done, it feels like a different book. I’m a little worried he won’t like it now. But those changes were inevitable, given what he wanted revising, which was the entire background of a main POV character!

    So I sympathize with the dilemma. Good luck!

  20. Jane – the editors exact words were ‘revise substantially’. So I’m thinking I’ll keep half of chapter one and rewrite the rest. So far. I’m not going to change the characters, just the setup I think. But yeah, still in the game so far.
    And re your rewrites – yup, that’s pretty much a massive change! I guess mine isn’t as massive as that but I don’t like what happens in those chapters and since I don’t like it, I’m going to change it. It’ll make it better – hopefully!

  21. So good that you’ve finally heard Jackie, although I get you that it’s not exactly the news you’d hoped for.

    I’m guessing it was mostly mechanics related stuff rather than writing style? You have a sizzling modern heat voice, and they’ve spotted it and obviously want to work with you – keep on keepin’ on, as they say.
    The call draws a little closer with every round of revisions – if anyone can do this, you can. Total faith in you.
    Jo x

  22. Congratulations on getting some news Jackie and, at the rate you write at (supersonic speed?) I’m sure your revisions won’t take you too long. Looking forward to one day picking your book from a shelf and buying it!

  23. Joanne – cheers m’dear! Yeah, the stuff they mentioned was more to do with the setup and with making the conflict too obvious. Some of it is subtle stuff – as in the fine line between the hero being too controlling and being alpha. The heroine being strong or just being too stubborn. Grrr.

    Susan – thanks to you too! Supersonic? I think that’s part the problem! Hee hee. Will have to take these ones a bit slower maybe.

  24. Agh, revisions. Can sympathise, as my last two mss have had huge ones. Contemplating slashing and rewriting is grim (at least for me), but I find can be surprisingly liberating!!

  25. Lucy – hey there! yeah, it can be grim. But I’ve been practising on old stories so I hope I’m better at this time than I was the last. Only time will tell. Good luck with yours huh?

  26. I know you can do it. A happy medium? Erm, make sure you don’t change anything they DID like and take their suggestions, beyond that just do your thing 🙂

    I’m cheering you on but not up to a full cheerleader dance, I’ve never been any good at the splits!

  27. I’m so glad you’ve finally heard and have revisions. They may be hard work, but will ultimately be worth it. I have complete faith in you 🙂

  28. YAY! At last! Revisions is good. Like everyone said you still have the editors ear – which IMHO is gold dust these days! Caroline x

  29. Lorraine – thanks for waving the pompoms, lovie! Ah yes, keep what they like, ditch the rest. Easy. Lol!

    Joanne – thanks for the faith! I hope I can live up to it. ah well, feeling pretty good about it this morning so maybe I can.

    Caroline – yep, that’s true! They’re still keen. Yay!

  30. Big, huge, extra-special congrats, jackie! This is a very big step…one I’m hoping to take very soon. 🙂 Good luck with the revisions!!

  31. Hey Jackie – that’s great news that you’ve finally gotten an answer and the ed seems to have enough faith in you with regards to revising the partial 🙂 Sounds tricky, but revisions sound like a great learning process. Best of luck!

  32. Kristi – thanks! You subbing soon too huh? Good luck to you too!

    Angie – yeah, it’s good to have an answer at last. The revs are tricky but I’m going to give them a go!

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