Black Knight White Queen Cover

I’ve been holding off doing a blog post for ages, mostly because I’ve been dying for the go ahead to show you my fabulous cover for my Chessman book! OMG, it’s swoon worthy! It’s perfect. My heroine really looks like that! And it’s got a chessboard! And a cool font! And my hero who thinks … Continue reading “Black Knight White Queen Cover”

Monday Morning Inspiration – Or Not

In the quest for blogging inspiration, I’ve been going over my old posts from December last year to see what was happening in terms of writing back then and I came across a post about my chess player.  At that stage I was in the process of rewriting him for SYTYCW, planning to submit the … Continue reading “Monday Morning Inspiration – Or Not”

Wot I have Been Doing

Chocolate! From the Armani shop! Armani chocolate! Haven’t been blogging much these past couple of months. Mainly because I’ve been up to my neck in conferences, rewrites, submissions, edits, Dr Jax going to Milan and me being a solo mum, and deadlines. It’s been a thing. Anyway, I thought I’d give you an update on … Continue reading “Wot I have Been Doing”