A Maisey Yates Stick Figure Masterpiece

So am finally back from holiday and after a week with limited net, what should happen as soon as we get home? Our net goes down! Cue frustration and irritation and annoyance. Especially when I am dying to share a special thang… My crit partner, the very wonderful and talented Maisey Yates, is not only … Continue reading “A Maisey Yates Stick Figure Masterpiece”

It’s Conference Time

Well, I’ve been a bad blogger. Haven’t been posting much but in my defense, have had lots on with getting Mr Sheikhypants into a fit state for sending, while angsting about my next Samhain submission and also the editing of the next Indulgence that I’m planning to send off soonish. Oh and in the middle … Continue reading “It’s Conference Time”

The Joy of Rewrites

It should come as no surprise to any of you that my approach to writing is rather emotional (I approach the rest of life rather emotionally as well, not just writing but that’s an entirely different story).So when something is wrong with a story, EVERYTHING else is wrong too. The kids are a nuisance, the … Continue reading “The Joy of Rewrites”

Ten Ways to Make Your Heroine Suffer – plus some Pimpin’

Right, I thought I’d do a companion piece to my hero torture list since fair’s fair, turnabout etc. Time for the heroine to get her turn. Now, I do find writing teh ladeez a tad difficult – women are so complicated! – so if anyone wants to add to the list or disagree, feel free! … Continue reading “Ten Ways to Make Your Heroine Suffer – plus some Pimpin’”