Not much happening here. Again. I’m extraordinarily demotivated today, hence the demotivator above.

Still, I started a new story – bad me – ’cause I was thinking about the New Voices competition but the ed told me not to enter the last one so I’m wondering whether it’s the same deal this time round. Then again, apart from the Feel the Heat comp, I haven’t had much luck with any other competitions I’ve entered so I’m wondering if I really need something else to depress myself with. Probably not.

On the other hand there is the brand new iPad. And can I tell you it’s the perfect NTAI device. As long as you don’t put it down. But that’s okay cause after buying the Plants vs Zombies game, I actually haven’t put it down. Or even thought about waiting. Until I realised I had to do a blog post of course. Sigh.

Been trying to be good and think of other things. Like the Aussie conference in two weeks which I will be going to for the first time. Yay! Get to meet my great non-Sister CPs and buddies Rach and Janette!! Woohoo. And then there will be the RWNZ conference that week after that which will be heaps of fun too.

And that’s about the size of it. Who else is entering the competition then?

21 thoughts on “Demotivation”

  1. Boo to demotivation (you’ll crack it). Yey on the ipad. And yey on thinking of going for the comp. I’m not going for it cos I think epublished makes inelligible. Boo.

    BUT I’ve taken up knitting again. Yes (don’t laugh). It’s great for NTAI. And you end up with a lovely long handmade scarf full of sub angst energy! jx P.S. What are we like!!
    P.P.S. The word verification to this post is grusem (hope it’s not talking about my knitting end product!)

  2. Demotivation – now there’s a post title I can relate too at the moment. All I wanna do is read, watch tv and sleep. Oh and don’t forget eat!!!

  3. Not entering the competition and was way demotivated too a couple of weeks ago. BUT it does pass. In the meantime, keep writing that new story and NTAI-ing with the iPad! Plus you’ve got the meeting with the CPs to look forward to. Got your outfits sorted out yet?

  4. ipad. Perfect NTAI tool. I’m so excited to meet you too, have a bottle of vino with our names on it. I say take some time to chillax (Ok bad attempt at keeping up with the gen y’s or z’s…) As for the comp?? Hmmm am tempted, but ummm erring on the side of no.

  5. I’m entering – I’ve had some disappointing comp results recently so figure at least I’m used to the disappointment of not doing as well as I hope!

    I hope I get to meet you at the RWA conference, I love your blog, it’s very inspiring πŸ™‚

  6. Sorry to hear about the lack of communication from UK. I feel your pain. Coming up on 7 months of waiting for me with no word and a new Sr. Ed. taking charge sometime in the beginning of August.

    I have heard great things about Plants vs. Zombies. I might just have to pony up the cash for it. I’m currently fighting with the 19th level of Collapse with no hope of ever conquering it.

    Hope you guys have fun at your conference.

  7. Judy – Knitting? I did that once. Maybe I should again! Like the idea of a sub scarf…

    Rach – eating is good. Also drinking. πŸ˜‰

    Maya – what I should be doing is finishing old stories. πŸ™ Outfits?? Argh, good point! I shall have to do some planning.

    Janette – it sure is. Yay for the vino and chillaxing is definitely what we should do with our peeps. Or bros or whatever the current word is for friends. πŸ™‚

    Leah – you there too?? Cool! We can commiserate. Thanks re the blog. Nice to know I’m doing something right. πŸ™‚

    Cat – Seven months?? Argh!! So awful isn’t it? I just wish I knew one way or the other with this sub – be a year since subbing in October and still at partial stage.
    Anyway, definitely pony up for Plants vs Zombies. It’s horribly addictive. Just make sure you have no writing planned… πŸ˜‰

  8. Yay on the iPad love. I am seriously jealous.

    The conf should up your motivation, but I really hope you hear from London before then. Waits are an absolute killer aren’t they?

    I’m entering the competition, definitely. You have to be in it to win it and the lure of the iPad is too great!!

  9. ((Hugs and motivation chocolate)) Bad waiting, bad, bad waiting. I’m still on the fence about entering. There’s a lot of intimidating people who are so I’m thinking no? The reading will be fun though.

  10. Lacey – no! I have visions of entering and getting nowhere and everyone laughing going ‘and she’s supposed to be working with an ed. Ha!’. πŸ™ So I know what you mean. Try a psuedonym maybe? πŸ™‚

  11. new story is a good way to NTAI! and playing with your new toy!
    Apparently the iPad sold out in Hamilton within half an hour so i don’t have one yet :(, but i hope soon.
    Hows it for writing on??

  12. Kerrin – bummer re the selling out. For writing you would need to get yourself a keyboard so add another $100 or so to the price. Otherwise you have to type on the onscreen pad and that’s useless if you’re a good typist. You’ll also need to get a document app, such as Pages. Haven’t had a good go at writing on it yet but I can see it’s going to be hugely useful!

  13. Hope you have fun at the Aussie conference! Sounds like a good distraction.

    I’ll be entering the comp. After sitting on the sidelines for way too long, I promised myself I would enter the next comp. Having everyone comment on the entries is quite nerve wracking though.

  14. Jackie, the demotivation is caused by the dips in the rollercoaster we’re all on. But you know what? After each dip the track climbs up again and then you get that lovely freefall when it’s all exciting and everything’s going well… and motivation is high once again.

    So just hold on for a little bit longer. Better times are on their way!

  15. Robyn – I love that you always know just the right thing to say. Thanks heaps, it really helps. Think I’m climbing upwards again and hopefully I’ll stay climbing for a longer time this time round! πŸ˜‰

  16. Hi,

    I really hate seeing writers down in the dumps: demotivation, self demolition and writers’ cramp from waiting on the call!

    According to the grapevine waiting time is on the increase, longer now than a few years back. But hey, think on it as time to crack out another novel or the bare bones of one at least: maybe two!

    As for the comp I’ll be putting one in to take the heat off everyone else’. A bad/mediocre critique (shredding/sniping/whatever) will be water off a duck’s back for moi. I don’t let such get to me, and what I’ll be posting has had great feedback elsewhere (not buddies)so it’ll be interesting to see what Jo/anne public makes of it.

  17. Francine – yeah, it’s a tough business eh? Wait times are long because I think the rate of submissions is up. Par for the course I suppose. But what’s your secret to not letting the comments get to you? For me it depends on whether I’m feeling good or depressed. If I’m feeling depressed then anything negative makes me feel yucky.

  18. Hi,

    For rising above and beyond critical comments that have little bearing beyond that of criticising for sake of as opposed to professional editorial input: one accepts the good alongside the bad and, the downright malicious. The latter often derived from envy, sense of “anonymous” self-importance and often as not alongside real-time sense of low self-esteem.

    Analyse comments, see the persona behind the mask! It’s where I put my psychology degree to good use!

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