Missed Again

Well guys, I heard from Anna and no, they didn’t want it. As you can imagine, I’m very disappointed. All her comments were right on the money but it’s the usual story – you submit something and only after it’s gone do you learn more and realise what you should have done.

So, having gone from nearly there to missing entirely, I feel a bit like I’ve taken the wrong road somewhere and ended up in a dead end. Do I actually know what I’m doing? Maybe I don’t. I certainly don’t feel qualified at giving advice to people – not that I ever really did I have to say.

Oh well, I guess the only way to go on from this is to keep going even though part of me just wants to give up.

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  1. Jackie Ashenden, I don’t believe I saw those words ‘give up’ on your blog. I’m going to get very cross with you now, but you won’t feel my wrath cos I’m in a tiny town in Ireland, therefore no need to panic. What can I say? I’ll say sorry and I’ll be genuine about it because you’re a wonderful person who thinks nothing of sharing so much wisdom and time with us, us people you don’t even know. Put the ‘r’ aside for now, try not to dwell on it and spend some time with your girls. Take Uncle Visa on the trip from hell and again, try not to think of it as you try your best not to REALLY think about it. You’re so close, you’re going to get there and someday you’ll see that Aideen is always right. Honest to God, I’ve never once been wrong. Just ask my husband.

    Massive hugs from Eire,

  2. Thanks for the pep talk, Aideen!! And thanks for your lovely words. I do feel really gutted about this, simply because I feel I should be going forward not back.
    But you’re right. Should not dwell, should get on with my next sub and make sure this one is the ONE.
    Hope you will end up being right one day! πŸ™‚

  3. Jackie, I’m shocked and I’m gutted for you.

    But I agree with Aideen – it will happen for you. It has to because I know I’m not the only one who’s dying to read your books.




  4. Jackie, I’m so very, very sorry. Every R is such a hard kick to the solar plexus it’s a wonder any of us ever recovers. I won’t try to cheer you up because, honestly, there just aren’t any words to make the grieving process any easier.

    So, IMHO, I think you should take a few days – or a week – or whatever, to wallow in it, really grieve, get angry, throw a few things (cheap, easily replaceable things that have no sentimental value πŸ™‚ And once you feel better, which you will, I bet you’ll be ready to try again. Because I believe you have the talent and determination to persevere and be successful.

    And know that we’re all out here rooting for you.

    Cheers and hugs,


  5. Jackie

    I’ve mostly been liaising with the slush pile! However, over the years (yes, years) I’ve received enough encouraging feedback to continue…

    From what I see, you have plenty of support and talent to keep going. Give yourself a pat on the back for getting this far and learning so much.

    Never let go the tiger’s tail


  6. Jax, again, sorry to hear. I followed you over from eharl. I know what a huge disappointment this was, but seriously, the editor wants to hear more from you. Maybe its good to step back and take everythign that you’ve learned and give her something fresh..something smashingly amazing! email me at my website if you want to chat!


    juliana at julianastone dot com

  7. Just posted on the eharlequin boards, but wanted to come over here too-never enough hugs on an R.

    You’ll do it, Jackie. It’ll happen. I feel your pain. But you’re not taking a step backwards-impossible, you keep learning and learning. You’ll get there. You’ve gotten farther than a lot of people in a short amount of time-no accident.

    Hang in there!!!!


  8. Oh Jackie. I echo everyone elses comments.

    Please keep your chin up and do not give up. As Aideen said – you are a wonderful person.

    Your generosity with your time, comments and wonderful advice is well and truely appriciated.

    I for one am eternally grateful for your help and am of the firm belief that no good deed goes unrewarded – you will be rewarded for all your effort – sometimes it just takes a little faith…

  9. Oh,how crap!
    Hugs Jackie. Please don’t give up. You ARE getting there. Only time will bring out the ‘I’ll show them’, but until you’re ready to take on the fight again – rest, heal, shop!

  10. Laura, forget to say, thanks heaps for your comments. And the hugs. And the confidence. Mine is definitely slipping.

    Janette – thanks for your support. Was going to email you but I haven’t felt like emailing much today. Still feeling a bit gutted.

    Becca – cheers. Shop is right!

  11. Jackie, I’m shocked and gutted to read your news. Didn’t believe what I was reading…

    Agh. It’s such a hard blow. BUT you can do it. And you do have to keep that faith (even though that can take time for the sting to fade..)

    As someone who’s been on this trying and bouncing back lark for a long time and has had her share of arrows (and books in print then out of print lol) I am just an email away if you need to ‘talk’. Do not give up. You’ve had stellar comments and feedback and your writing is wonderful, it’s the taking it personally thing that gets in the way. And that’s unavoidable. BUT you will bounce back and sock it to em. I have faith, you should too. Email if you want a natter.

  12. You already know what I think but I’ll state it publicly again – you are so going to get published.
    I know you and I know after a few days you’ll be pulling yourself back up, applying what you’ve learnt. Realising it’s not personal and that you as a writer have not been rejected, it was just the sub that didn’t fit the line, not you…
    All hard stuff to hear right now I know, so take good care of yourself and accept all the cyber hugs winging their way to NZ.

  13. Thanks Judy. I will send you an email. It’s pretty late here so will do it in the morning. Feeling tired and a bit knocked.

    Lorraine, thanks for your faith. I haven’t taken the other Rs personally, it’s just this one that is the killer. Probably because I just shot myself in the foot and knew it.

  14. Jackie

    I’m so sorry to hear this one didn’t make it. As Lorraine quite rightly points out, it sounds like it just wasn’t the story they were looking for at this moment in time.

    As for not being able to give good advice, that’s not true at all. Your outstanding cp skills have been utterly indispensable to me. You definitely know what you’re doing and I feel like I’ve developed my writing one hundred fold with your help recently. It’s very difficult to see what’s wrong with your own work when you’re writing it because you’re so in love with your characters and their story. (I’m sure you know this).

    Good for you for getting on with your next sub already. That’s what being a professional writer is all about. You do know what you’re doing and you have a wonderful voice. I guess it’s 50% luck at this point that yours is the story they’re looking for. Sending all my luck to you for the next one.

    Much love from me.

  15. Hi Jackie, I posted over on eharl and just had to pop over here as well. If you haven’t gathered from my posts at eharl I’m not the touchy, feely, huggy, kissy type. At all! You sound bummed, but don’t look at this as a failure. It’s just another step on the road to success. If you quit now? Well, that would be a failure! Glad to see you’re working on something else. I know it’s disappointing and frustrating and agonizing but you’ll just be a better writer for it. You knew deep down what was wrong, right? The other thing to consider is that it’s not just about the story and the writing; it’s also timing and some luck and sometimes it’s out of our control. I’ll be you’re like me and you feel that with each manuscript your writing just get so much better. So go forth and craft something amazing from all that you’ve learned.

  16. Hi Jackie. I echo everybody. Massive ((((hugs))) on the “r”. Chin up. As everyone says you are nearly there. Don’t give up babes (I’ve resorted to Essex girl phrases – I only do this when I’m stressed!) So forget about you know what and send in that comp. entry! Take care. Caroline x

  17. Kristy – thanks for the vote of confidence. I definitely think that critiquing other people’s work is easier than seeing what’s wrong with your own. And often it’s a case of thinking you’ve got it in there but not realising that you haven’t.
    Glad my journey has been of use to you.

    Kaily – yep, bummed just about sums it up. But you’re right, I’m not giving up. My problem was that I was supposed to be getting better not worse – and that sub was worse! Ah well, it’s a good learning experience for me.

    Caroline – you can call me babes anytime. πŸ™‚ Thanks for the hugs. Oh and I’m not sending in a comp entry – to add insult to injury I am deemed an already discovered new voice and so not allowed to enter.

  18. Jackie,you’ve already received the best words of wisdom–don’t even think about quitting. But I wanted to address you comment that you think you may not know what you’re doing and don’t feel qualified to give advice. Strike those thoughts from your mind as well. Not only do we learn from the insights you put into your blogs, but just writing things down on screen or on paper will make everything seem even clearer. I think it was EM Forester who was quoted as saying “I don’t know what I think yet–I haven’t written about it.”

    We all learn from each other, and I’ve learned loads from you in this blog and at eharl.com. You submitted, they want to see more, you’re on your way.

    Quite frankly, I can’t wait until the day you and I can send copies of our books to each other–Presents from me, since I’m US, and Modern Heat from you. Onward, to the future! We’re all pulling for you, Jackie!

  19. Aw, thanks heaps, Joanie. I was feeling like a bit of a fraud. I mean, who am I to give advice to anyone when I can’t even get it right myself? But then, it is always much easier to see where other people went wrong than to see it in your own work. And EM Forster was right – as I respond to people’s comments and emails, I’m already getting things into perspective.
    Oooh, I’d love a copy of your book when you get accepted! Keep me posted! πŸ™‚ If (when?) I get something accepted, you’ll probably hear me screaming all the way from the States! πŸ™‚

  20. ((HUGS)) Jackie! Don’t give up! You are close! Think of all the wonderful authors who were knocked back at first! You’ve got to be the little engine that could. There’s a learning curve in this business that’s a little wonky with a couple more dips than we’d like. You’ve just got to get to the top of the hill now πŸ˜‰ x

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