Niceness for Valentine’s Day

Here on the right we have a lovely Russian icon type picture of Saint Valentine. Why? Because obviously it’s that day that all romance writers like – Valentine’s Day! Now, the reasons a day celebrating love is associated with an old Roman saint are a little unclear (at least according to that well known and totally truthful source, Wikipedia), I am nevertheless happy that due to this ancient tradition, I am now the owner of some absolutely divine chocolates. There is a French chocolatier up the road, who uses Valrhona chocolate to make some of the best chocolate in Auckland (nay, New Zealand itself!) and guess who gave them to me?
No, not my secret fancy man. It’s the dear Dr Jax, who looked very surprised when I wished him happy Valentine’s this morning. He’s on call today you see and I thought he’d forgotten. Well, he had. But he had not forgotten the day before when he’d bought my little pressie. Yes, I am spoiled. I even got two Valentine’s cards from my lovely girls (and no, they will not be sharing my chocolate). And what’s more, I am going to celebrate by totally torturing my hero with the fact that he is falling in love and he so does not want to. Mwwwwahahahah.

Now, I don’t use celebrities to cast my characters cause I find the real person gets in the way of the fictional one, but I do like a bit of eye candy now and then. So here on the left, as a little Valentine’s Day present to myself (and to those of you who like him too!) is Josh Holloway from Lost, doing his bit for Davidoff. I’m writing a bad boy at the moment and you can’t get a more charming bad boy alpha than Sawyer. Mmmm…. Nicer than a Russian icon in my opinion…

So what about you guys? Was your Valentine’s romantic?

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  1. Hmm, can’t get better for a bit of naughtiness than Sawyer in the Davidoff advert. Very hawt!!

    As for Valentine’s, well I’ll be taking 3 littlies to church in the morning and the afternoon will be spent at my mother’s for my aunt’s 60th birthday party.

    Yes, I know, tres romantique!!

  2. I second the hawtness, Joanne! Lol re the romance (or lack of it!). Enjoy the party though, and the littlies. You can secretly think of Sawyer giving you a back-rub in a thong…;-)

  3. Love the lovely Josh Holloway. And that’s very likely the only Valentine’s pressie I’ll get this year… apart from…just saw Micheal Praed in the Sound of Music in Edinburgh and (for those who might remember him in Robin of Sherwood) he’s grown up very nicely, thank you very much. Definitely alpha male material.


  4. What a star! Umm I meant Dr Jax, but the other Star – bad boy Sawyer is HOT…

    Heading to my dad’s birthday and the fact that the most unromantic man was born a Valentine’s – is a waste…

    Oh, and those chocs sound devine!

  5. Thanks for the eye-candy and yay on the chocs. I’m not expecting ANYTHING here… although High Maintenance did make me a rather nice card at school 🙂

  6. Sawyer’s hot, yep, but I still prefer the tortured, brooding surgeon, whatshisname. Jack? (Only been watching LOST since series 1, still haven’t got those names down, lol.)

    Always liked a bit of tortured hero. And tend to prefer dark hair to blonde. Sorry, Sawyer!

    Steak and basque for Valentine’s Day ahead here. (2.20am in the UK right now.) We don’t do cards because DH hates heavily commercialised festivals. But I still intend to demand chocs, even if I have to turn him out of the house tomorrow in search of them …

  7. Suzanne – glad I could provide some Valentine’s Day joy for you! I remember Michael Praed too. He did make my teenage heart beat a little faster!

    Janette – yes, both the good doctor and Josh are stars! Unromantic man huh? On Valentine’s Day too! Hope the birthday is a good one.

    Rach – at least you got a card! That sounds lovely.

    Jane – Jack? Think we may have to agree to disagree there. Jack just gives me a pain. Lol! Oh yes, chocs are a must. Wow you must be up late or early, depending on your preference. 😉

  8. Saw that picture of Josh and started to swoon, so thanks for that Jackie! Sawyer was the inspiration for my first published hero Monroe Latimer… Absolutely agree perfect bad boy material.

    My husband and I are planning a trip to London’s South Bank this evening to watch a free outdoor screening of one of our favourite films The Apartment. Unfortunately we’re going to have to drag along our grumpy 12-year-old as our older son has a Valentine’s engagement of his own (darn it!!). And if it snows it may be a bit too romantic. But whatever happens we’re going to enjoy the moment! Hypothermia and all.

    Happy V-Day everyone.

    Heidi x

  9. My VD was very quiet. Just the two of us and the dogs. So a nice long walk this morning – and now DH2B is watching England play rugby. NOt very romantic but then we are going to put on Pearl Harbour and I will (secretly) drool over Josh Hartnet – hee hee. Take care. Caroline x p.s just realised the connotation of “VD”. Opps!

  10. Heidi – no drama. It’s always nice to spread the love around! Lovely he was your first hero inspiration – no wonder Monroe was so damn gorgeous in that case. Bummer re the grumpy 12 year old. Bit of a romance killer eh? No doubt we’ll have that soon – in another four years. But mine will be a grumpy teenage girl and I think that’s probably worse. Sigh. Hope you had a good time though.

    Caroline – hope you enjoyed your walk! That sounds lovely. As does the watching of Pearl Harbour. Nothing wrong with a bit of secret drooling. 🙂 Oh yeah, just got VD. So to speak! Lol!!

  11. There’s a French chocolatier up the road? I admire your restraint! I’d have moved the whole family in with said chocolatier in three seconds flat…

  12. As you know, Jackie, I’m not having the best V Day what with the horrible sickness!! But Haven is a doll and he cleaned the house and now he’s putting our new fridge together and stuff. (oh yeah, the fridge broke!)

    But, due to the fact that I’m a walking germ factory, the romance is postponed for a few more days! 😉

  13. Sorry, deleted previous due to too many typos!

    My Valentine’s might not register too high on the romantic scale for lots of people, but it was just the way I wanted it.

    Hubby and I wished each other Happy Valentines (we don’t do cards much), he asked me what I wanted for breakfast and I said…a bowl of…porridge. Yes, you heard right! But trust me, he has a way of making it that just makes it better than chocolate!
    Okay that’s stretching it a bit.
    Seriously though, that was what I wanted just then. We did go out for a meal later as a family, ate lots, laughed lots and generally had a lovely, lovely time.

    PS – Sawyer is mega hot, but I too prefer Jack!

  14. My husband doesn’t believe in the drivel that is Valentines Day (his words). He thinks it’s too commericial and he WILL NOT get dragged into all that! Yes, he’s sterotypically Australian. He insisted when we got up on Sunday morning that we go to a local art festival. Art festival? He hates those things!!! Anyway, we got the kids ready, headed out and had a great time. We had a nice outdoor lunch and the kids really enjoyed looking at the art. On our way home in the car hubby looked over and said ‘happy valentines day’. Who knew he even knew what day it was? He knows I love to go to those things. Guess there might be at least one romantic bone in his body after all…

    BTW, give me a Sawyer over a Jack any day 🙂

  15. Kaily – lovely husband alert! Oooh, don’t you love it when they do something they hate just because it makes you happy? And it makes it extra special because you weren’t expecting it. Sounds like you had a great day!
    Oh and excellent re Sawyer. I was hoping it wasn’t just me, Heidi, Jo and Suzanne!

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