Valentine’s Day – Plus Another Finn Excerpt

To celebrate Valentine’s Day I’d thought I’d do some candy hearts for Finn and Anna from Falling For Finn.         Oh and another excerpt… A fine appreciation for single malt was something they’d discovered a couple of years ago after Finn had done a Wild Life show on Skye, in Scotland. In … Continue reading “Valentine’s Day – Plus Another Finn Excerpt”

Valentine’s Day in Limbo

Okay, so, since Elissa nailed shut the escape door in Unpublished Author Waiting Limbo, I am now trapped here. Which means you will all have to put up with me moaning about it until I manage to swim the lakes of fire, slay the two-headed dogs, manage to scale the nine hundred million mile high … Continue reading “Valentine’s Day in Limbo”

Niceness for Valentine’s Day

Here on the right we have a lovely Russian icon type picture of Saint Valentine. Why? Because obviously it’s that day that all romance writers like – Valentine’s Day! Now, the reasons a day celebrating love is associated with an old Roman saint are a little unclear (at least according to that well known and … Continue reading “Niceness for Valentine’s Day”