So You Think You Can Wait Part 2

I’m still in waiting room hell. Have heard nothing re SYTYCW this week. I’m almost wishing I’d got one of the Rs they sent out last week because then at least I’d know. But the worst part is that after waiting another week after everyone else, I STILL could get an R. Groan. Poor eds, they had flu and then a snow day, and no doubt are up to their eyeballs in lots of other stuff, but the timing sure does suck. At least I’m not the only one though. There are a bunch of us who haven’t heard so that’s something. Means I won’t be getting too paranoid about whether they even received my entry!

But honestly, it’s been a hell of a week. I know, I know, why don’t I just carry on with something else? Well, I would but due to me waking up at 5am every morning for the past week, I’m too tired! It’s like taking the morning off work specifically so you can get the plumber to fix your tap and then the plumber not turning up, throwing your whole day out of whack. Oh yes, I have been doing lots of distraction techniques but they don’t work too well. I’m too obsessive and too impatient. In a way, not knowing when you’ll hear back is easier because then you can kind of put it to the back of your mind but with this you’re on tenterhooks every day.

Yeah, it sucks to be me.