The Next Big Thing – And a Christmas Giveaway

Well, I’ve been tagged to do a Next Big Thing post by three fabulous people. First up is my awesome friend and CP  Maisey Yates! Check out her post about her amazing new cowboy story – it’s….OMG, I can’t even…. Second and third are two wonderful fellow Entangled authors and Kiwis, Michelle deWinton and Bronwen Evans. Both these fine ladies have Indulgences out (Bronwen’s imminent I think) so if you’re after a bit of Xmas indulgence, you can’t go wrong…

Firstly I know this post should go up next week but it’s Christmas and I want to do a giveaway so I’m doing it now. If you would like a copy of my debut book Falling for Finn to test the Ashenden waters (so to speak) before you decide on whether you may like the below ms, I’m giving away a copy to one commenter. And just to make it fairer, the more comments I get the more books I’ll give away. Will draw the winner(s) on Sunday night.

To enter just leave a comment saying ‘yo’.  🙂

Where did the idea for the book come from?

My Samhain editor tweeted that she wanted to see more virgin heroes and Maisey nudged me. I got thinking about why a guy would remain a virgin…et voila. 

 What is the working title of your Book?
Working title is Dirty Virgin Hero. Hehe. Or if you’re on Twitter #dirtyeffingvirginhero. ;–)

What genre does your book fall under?

Contemporary romance.

What actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie rendition?

I wouldn’t. No actors are ever right for my characters. Lame huh? However I do have a Pinterest board here.

What is the one sentence synopsis for your book?

Ugh. Sorry but I’m going to cheat.  Taking Him – Game designer Ellie’s last mission before she leaves the country is to seduce her older brother’s best friend, the man she’s loved for years. But little does she know that construction company owner Hunter has a past darker than the black feathers tattooed on his back and a secret he’ll do anything to keep.

Will your book be self-published or represented by an agency?

It’ll be published by Samhain in November 2013 and is represented by Helen Breitweiser from Cornerstone Literary.

How long did it take you write the first draft of your manuscript?

Probably about 3-4 weeks.

What other books would you compare this story to within your genre?

Um. I don’t really know to be honest. I guess I would compare the screwed-upedness of the hero and the emotional intensity of it with Sylvia Day’s Bared to You.  Except the hero isn’t quite as screwed up as Gideon Cross.

Who or what inspired you to to write this book?

Well, the idea of the virgin hero is something I wanted to write about because you don’t see many books about male sexual shame. It’s an interesting issue and a challenging one to write.

What else about your book might pique a reader’s interest?

A geeky girl game designer, a man with wings on his back, motorcycles, hot construction workers, cosplay, hookers, tattoo parlours, and some hot how’s your father. How’s that for starters?

I’m supposed to tag people now but I’m not sure who has been tagged and who hasn’t so if you haven’t, consider yourself tagged!

 And if you want a copy of Finn in your stocking, don’t forget to yo me!