You Gotta Say Boots, Not Shoes.

Herewith the boots.

Yes, the picture is crap. They are black suede so kind of boring but then so is NTAI. I’m hoping that when I get the big yes/no, I’ll splash out to celebrate/cry with something totally ridiculous and pretty, that I will never have any opportunity to wear like….


On the other hand, I could just continue to write lots of books. ๐Ÿ™‚

10 thoughts on “You Gotta Say Boots, Not Shoes.”

  1. Oh, they are lovely.

    I’m going to hurry up and send in my MS so that I can also justify getting myself a pair of NTAI glam footwear. Won’t be boots – sadly not boots season here, but those shoes look very tempting.

    I think you may have started a NTAI footwear trend.


  2. Ooh they are nice! I agree with Suzanne – think you may be onto something. I’m soon gonna send off a partial soon and then I’ll be in the NTAI clan too!! I’d like a pair of pink shoes!! Which reminds me… I should post a pic of my wedding shoes on my blog… that’d give you all a laugh!

  3. NTAI footwear trend?

    I like the idea but it sounds expensive, particularly if they’re running behind schedule at Richmond!

  4. Do it Suzanne! I can recommend it heartily.

    Rach, you should post your wedding shoes! I’m keen to see why they would give us a laugh.
    And definitely send off that partial. We can all post our NTAI shoes!

    Good point Lorraine. I’m wondering when I can justify buying another pair… ๐Ÿ˜‰ Perhaps every six weeks??

  5. SHOES!

    Well that’s me done for the day I’ll just have to sit here and look at the pretty pictures. I love shoes, they’re a luxury because usually the pair I really like are the most expensive in the shop it’s some weird phenomenon of me shopping.

    May you always have new shoes!

  6. Thanks Lacey, and may you always have enough money for the most expensive pair! That usually happens to me too, though luckily, when I tried on the most expensive pair, I didn’t like them. Phew! These were half the price – a bargain I thought. Which just goes to show the strange kind of thoughts you have when you’re in the throes of shopping fever. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. I LOVE those shoes!

    Unfortunately I have been cursed with having the smallest feet in the world and normal women’s fashion shoes don’t fit. I think I may be waaaaaay beyond wearing those pink sparkly ones made for little kids … but at least they fit me!

    I think you should buy a new pair every time you finish a book, Jackie, a well done present to yourself!

  8. Gorgeous shoes. I’d luuurrrve to have a pair of Manolos, but a) don’t have the cash and b) live in a town cursed with cobbles. Not good for heels as my ankle will testify…

  9. I don’t have cobbles, Lucy, but then again, neither do I have the cash for Manolos. I console myself with the fact that they’re probably hideously uncomfortable and that I’ve saved myself a whole world of podiatry ailments.

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