ARC Love!!

I haven’t posted for ages because I wanted to wait until I got my ARC! And now I have! Yay! It looks like an actual booky book thingy that actual people might (will!) buy! It’s got copyright info and an ISBN and a dedication and everything! *falls over with excitement*

My mission with my ARC is to read over and make sure the formatting is okay and there are no serious typos.

The problem with this mission is that I’ve already read the story fifty million times in the process of editing and line editing. And I’m pretty sure my eyes are now burned out of their sockets with it. Sigh.

I’ve also noticed that I now want to rewrite portions of it. Have cringed at repetitions I didn’t notice, cliches I should have taken out…you know what I mean right?  I’m consoling myself with the thought that I always get like this after I’ve read an ms far too many times and that it’s not as bad as I think. Anyway, it’s too late now. The die is cast, etc. 

Reading my ARC on my iPad. Like an actual book!

So…uh….yeah. That’s my excitement for the week and I’m basking like a basking shark.

What about you? Anything exciting happened for you this week so far?