More New Author Confessions

Being a writer is SUCH a funny/weird thing. Firstly you angst about your book when you send it to the publisher. Then after the joy of acceptance has worn off, there’s the angst about the revisions. About the cover. Then the copy edits. And then once you’ve finished angsting about that and you have your … Continue reading “More New Author Confessions”

Breaking World Shattering News – Jackie is On Amazon

Ridiculous noobishness happening here but…..I AM ON AMAZON!!!! Here is the link.Falling for Finn Jackie’s bestest debut book evah and better than at least 1% of books on Amazon…. Yes, I am squeeing and being utterly ridiculous but you can only enjoy these things for the first time once so I am taking the liberty … Continue reading “Breaking World Shattering News – Jackie is On Amazon”