Awesome Book Cake!

I wanted to post this awesome photo because I have had some good news over the weekend which I can’t tell anyone about yet but shall taunt you with mercilessly (and no, it’s NOT another sale).  Anyway, the kids decided a celebration was in order and so – as a surprise – made me a book cake.  They got NO help. This was all their own work. My oldest daughter’s idea, ably assisted by her younger sister and a friend.

Yes, it’s a Falling for Finn cake. I’ve already shared this on Facebook and it was so good that I had to share it here too. As you can see, there wasn’t enough room for ‘Ashenden’ so I’m just Jackie. The brown thing off to the left is a ‘chocolate fish award’ so as you can see, I am an award winner already.  Aren’t they fabulous children??

Jackie Ashenden, Chocolate Fish Award Winning Author! 

Definitely has a certain ring to it.:-)

Anyway, while you help yourself to some virtual Finn cake, may I also bring to your attention a fabulous post on writing emotion by Maisey. It’s a must read, no matter what type of romance you’re writing.

PS. If you’re desperate to know my news, you can DM me on twitter. Bribes of chocolate, expensive champagne, and diamonds gratefully accepted. 😉