In Which Jackie Drags Out Yet Another Tired Analogy

For the few people still reading this blog, I thought I’d vary my analogy today. I’ve given up supermarkets for the moment, since supermarkets imply movement. I’m going with quicksand today since there is absolutely no movement whatsoever. Plus I can also get in the whole ‘journey to publication’ thing since, apparently, it is a … Continue reading “In Which Jackie Drags Out Yet Another Tired Analogy”

Climbing Mt Ngauruhoe

Holidays over. Phew. And a new month, which is even better, cos July has been, quite frankly, a stinker. Yep, you guessed it, moany post alert! I haven’t had one for a while so I figure I’m due one. Keeping going with this writing stuff hasn’t got any easier I’m afraid. I’ve stoppped thinking of … Continue reading “Climbing Mt Ngauruhoe”