The Difficulties With Passions

Okay, I confess. Some days the rainbows and unicorns and shiny baubles of finally getting a publisher who wants to publish your book aren’t enough. They scare away your doubt crows right enough but the bloody things keep coming back. So what you sold six books this year? That doesn’t mean readers will buy ANY … Continue reading “The Difficulties With Passions”

Climbing Mt Ngauruhoe

Holidays over. Phew. And a new month, which is even better, cos July has been, quite frankly, a stinker. Yep, you guessed it, moany post alert! I haven’t had one for a while so I figure I’m due one. Keeping going with this writing stuff hasn’t got any easier I’m afraid. I’ve stoppped thinking of … Continue reading “Climbing Mt Ngauruhoe”

Climbing Everest

I’ve been thinking about how tough this business is the past couple weeks – while I’ve been waiting unsurprisingly – and wondering at what point people give up. Is it worth the constant feeling of impatience? The feeling of sickness when you download your email in the morning? The disappointment when there is no answer … Continue reading “Climbing Everest”

Vent of the Month Plus the Adventures of Hoo the Incredible Blue Octopus

I’m trying to get into writing my Naughty Frenchman but I have to say, I’m having a ‘what’s the point’ week. The waiting is killing me – it always does – and even though I have lots of stories in the works, I’m feeling a bit directionless. I always get a bit like this as … Continue reading “Vent of the Month Plus the Adventures of Hoo the Incredible Blue Octopus”