Ask Dr Jax – Dr Jax Responds Part 1

Got some great questions for Dr Jax – thanks everyone! I’ll post some answers today and then some more tomorrow. If any of the responses prompt more questions, feel free to ask. I’ll run this until the end of the week. Have also decided to make the first Monday of each month a regular Ask … Continue reading “Ask Dr Jax – Dr Jax Responds Part 1”

Ask Dr Jax – Questions Please

All right, the people have spoken! Bring your tricky conflict questions to Dr Jax! He’s a qualified psychiatrist and can give real life advice on any thorny behavioural issues. Would your characters really act the way they do? Or would they do things differently? How do people generally respond to tragedies in their lives? Etc … Continue reading “Ask Dr Jax – Questions Please”

Vent of the Month Plus the Adventures of Hoo the Incredible Blue Octopus

I’m trying to get into writing my Naughty Frenchman but I have to say, I’m having a ‘what’s the point’ week. The waiting is killing me – it always does – and even though I have lots of stories in the works, I’m feeling a bit directionless. I always get a bit like this as … Continue reading “Vent of the Month Plus the Adventures of Hoo the Incredible Blue Octopus”

Dr Jax Stages An Intervention

There I was, throwing myself dramatically on the floor, crying that I couldn’t do it, sounding remarkably like my four year old daughter, when Dr Jax at last arrived home from work. Honestly, I don’t think he knew what to make of it. No, that’s a lie, he knew exactly. I am the biggest drama … Continue reading “Dr Jax Stages An Intervention”