Character Traits vs Conflict

Janet asked me an interesting question about my last blog post and since I’m scraping around trying to find things to blog about, I thought I’d actually give my answer as a post. This comes with the usual caveat that my answer is my thoughts about the subject, thoughts that could be totally erroneous, sadly … Continue reading “Character Traits vs Conflict”

Heroines Do My Head In

Ah crap, nearly another week has gone by. I do have an excuse though. I have been…drum roll….writing! What you say? Jackie Ashenden actually writing? Unheard of! Yeah, yeah, I’m being sarcastic. I never really stop writing to it’s no surprise. But lately I have been turning off the net to concentrate wholly on what … Continue reading “Heroines Do My Head In”

How Dorothy Dunnett Ruined Me for Writing Category Romance

**Spoiler Alert! If you plan on reading these books and like surprises then stop reading now. Right now. This instant! ** **I mean it.*** **Well, okay, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.*** I like subtlety. My very favourite historical romance in all the world – The Lymond Chronicles by Dorothy Dunnett, that I first … Continue reading “How Dorothy Dunnett Ruined Me for Writing Category Romance”

The Dance of the Seven Veils

Aren’t you guys fabulous? I got some great comments about the whole digging deep deal last post – really set off lots of lightbulbs for me, especially with the WIP I’m going to be subbing next. So big cheers and thanks to you all for commenting! Anyway, that digging deep post really set me thinking … Continue reading “The Dance of the Seven Veils”