Digging Deep – What the $@&! Does That Mean??

It is a question that has mystified the ages – what on earth do they mean by digging deep? Well, giving you a giant hint here: it’s got nothing whatsoever to do with mining. Or drain laying. 🙂Now, in my journeying through the murky, disgusting swamp they call conflict, I received some valuable advice from … Continue reading “Digging Deep – What the $@&! Does That Mean??”

Hi, My Name’s Jackie and I am a Writerholic

Just got back from an Easter break and am feeling very writing deprived. Apparently it’s good to have a rest but I tell you five days without writing anything feels like torture to me. Luckily I wasn’t in the middle of a wip otherwise it would have been hell. Still, the one good thing about … Continue reading “Hi, My Name’s Jackie and I am a Writerholic”

Light and Flirty Modern Heat: Yeah, Right.

I’m worried about my sub. So what else is new right? Well after reading the transcript of the editor chat on eHarlequin, I’ve got several worries: Firstly, I’m worrying that my sub is too angsty for Modern Heat. The problem is that I love deep, emotional internal conflict. And I love a strong, tortured hero. … Continue reading “Light and Flirty Modern Heat: Yeah, Right.”

I Am a Rock. I Am An Island.

It’s hard when you have a hero who won’t open up – like Lorraine said in her post, how is the heroine supposed figure him out when he won’t tell her anything?? I’ve saddled myself with a particularly difficult customer. My hero is a climber and they are notorious for being the strong, silent type. … Continue reading “I Am a Rock. I Am An Island.”

The Hook – Vital Plot Element or Unnecessary Complication?

Okay, you’ll all be pleased to know that I’m done with the crows (until I hear from the eds I guess but NTAI!). My poor climber has been left to languish at a crucial moment so I should probably get back to him and give him his HEA. However, my sticking point is my plot. … Continue reading “The Hook – Vital Plot Element or Unnecessary Complication?”