Putting the E Back Into S*x

Okay, so, I’ve got over my rejection. Actually I’m well over it. Much more so than the previous one. Odd considering how much time and effort I put into this story. And maybe that’s part of it. I’ve learned SO much just in the writing of it that I didn’t feel any of that effort … Continue reading “Putting the E Back Into S*x”

The Perils of First Chapters

Honestly, you wouldn’t believe the trouble I’m having with the first chapter of the Frenchman. Having planned out the conflict and a good idea about how I was going to start, I then somehow lost my mojo. My problem is that I actually wrote three chapters of this last year, way back before I had … Continue reading “The Perils of First Chapters”

Putting the E Back Into Sex

The E is the emotion I’m talking about, not some…um…other E. Ahem, moving right along, MH is a very sexy line. Lots of opportunities for action. And personally I really like writing a good love scene. I tend to put a lot of sensuality in mine to really build it up. I’ve been told by … Continue reading “Putting the E Back Into Sex”