A Hard Man is Good to Find – Fear of the Alpha

I think you’ll all know by now that when it comes to heroes, I’m an alpha girl all the way. I like a hard man. A man who doesn’t take any crap from anyone. A take charge, protective man. And most especially a tortured man. Mmmmmm….tortured man….*Homer Simpson donut noise* Ahem. So anyway with all … Continue reading “A Hard Man is Good to Find – Fear of the Alpha”

Marriages of Convenience – Hot or Not?

I’ve kind of been slack at blogging lately. And slack at Twitter. About the only social media thing I haven’t been slack at is Pinterest. Sigh. I’ve never been one for collages for my mss but there’s something about Pinterest that’s just so…Hmmmm….. Anyway, my excuse for this slackness is due to finishing Mr Sheikhypants. … Continue reading “Marriages of Convenience – Hot or Not?”