Sexy Excerpt from Taking Him AKA #dirtyeffingvirginhero

Taking Him releases on Tuesday! Yay!  So I’m posting a sexy excerpt to celebrate. This was in my newsletter that I sent out yesterday so if you’d like to see sexiness regularly…y’know…sign up and stuff. 🙂   WARNING: ADULT CONTENT (so if you’re under 18 get away with you)   Ellie didn’t scream. Didn’t make … Continue reading “Sexy Excerpt from Taking Him AKA #dirtyeffingvirginhero”

What’s All This Nonsense About Craft?

I’ve been writing for over twenty years and in those twenty years, not once did I actually read anything about how to write a story.  I knew nothing of character arcs or conflict. Or 3 act structures or black moments. I didn’t know why characters need goals and why the hell do they need motivation … Continue reading “What’s All This Nonsense About Craft?”

Worst Date Ever And Other Horror Stories

Trying to hook up romance with horror and Halloween is a weird one – especially since I don’t write pararnormal or suspense. But I do write contemporary romance and since love can be kind of horrible.. I thought I’d ask if you guys had any hideous dating horror stories you want to share? Sadly, mine … Continue reading “Worst Date Ever And Other Horror Stories”

What To Do With Fear

 So you’re afraid. You’re afraid of people reading your work. You’re afraid people hating it. You’re afraid of getting rejected. You’re afraid of being successful. You’re afraid of not being successful. You’re afraid of your mother-in-law finding out you write dinosaur porn. You’re afraid of getting a bad review. You’re afraid of your book selling … Continue reading “What To Do With Fear”

How To Succeed In Publishing

Writing is hard. What? You don’t believe me? Try starting a book. Then try finishing it. Then try sending it out to a publisher. Then try getting a rejection or five. Then try writing another one and repeating the process. Then try finally getting accepted. Then try editing the crap out of as per your … Continue reading “How To Succeed In Publishing”

How to Finish the Damn Book When the Going Gets Tough

When I first started writing, I found beginnings really easy. I’d think of the characters and the setup, get excited, then off I’d go. The first three chapters – hell, the first half of the book – would just flow and I’d be loving it. Then around about halfway I’d start getting bored. It wasn’t … Continue reading “How to Finish the Damn Book When the Going Gets Tough”

Jackie’s Top Ten SYTYCW Tips Or Stick That Sh*t Up

After agonizing for months about my blog, have decided to keep writing and posting about what I first blogged about – writing. FB and Twitter will be more reader focused but this blog will be about the craft of writing and how to do deal with the sometimes crappy, sometimes amazing, job of being a … Continue reading “Jackie’s Top Ten SYTYCW Tips Or Stick That Sh*t Up”