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New story love is a special kind of love. So too is new hero love. And I adore my new hero. Or should I say, I adore my new-old hero, cause he’s not really new, having made his first appearance in my Feel The Heat entry last year. However, he IS kind of new in that he actually has some internal conflict. Plus I’ve also given him a sympathetic in with the heroine, because in his first incarnation, apart from his astoninishingly good looks, he didn’t have anything that she could admire about him. Or even like. And let’s face it, if your h&h are going to be antagonistic, there has to be something there that each finds admirable about the other otherwise your love story isn’t going to be very believable.

It’s all about the sympathy factor. Is your character sympathetic? This is doubly important (I think) when you’ve got a rude hero. And my hero is one of those lazy, arrogant, sarcastic types because, sad to say, I really like those kind of heroes. Mostly because their downfall into love is so delicious…
Anyway, I think this touches on one of the seven sins that I Heart Presents listed about the comp entries – a hero who gets irrationally cross and treats everyone like dirt. This isn’t alpha. This is just being an a*hole. So how to stop your sarcastic hero from coming across as a guy you’d just want to kick? Give him motivation. Why is he being so rude? Is he sick? Tired? Worried about something else? Angry? And if he’s angry, why is he angry?
For dear Alex, his reason for being an ass is that he’s worried about his father and having to deal with a bunch of protestors who are bothering him with what he thinks of as inconsequential problems is the last thing he wants to think about. Especially as one of the protestors is very, very attractive.
True, this isn’t an excuse for his rudeness but at least there is a reason behind it. And the reason is the ‘in’ with the heroine because when Kate discovers it, she is immediately sympathetic. Family is important to her and she finds his concern for his father attractive.

I should confess also that the other reason I love sarcastic heroes is because they do make the dialogue fun to write. Especially when you pair them with an equally quick heroine. Oooh, yum, yum. I love my dialogue – can you tell?
So what’s your favourite type of hero then? Do you like yours with lashings of sarcasm? Or are you more into the strong, silent type?

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  1. In romance I like the quick witted sarcastic type too, but in the real world I prefer them silent (I just want a quiet life).

    Alex just keeps getting more gorgeous the more you tell us about him…


  2. Hi Jackie,

    Love a sarcastic hero, if he’s done properly. Sarcasm is one of my favourite things in a man (real life included) but it can only be seen as sarcasm if the heroine (real life women apply here too)is on an itellectual par with Mr. Sarcastic himself. Otherwise it just comes across as being mean. Like talking down in a way and I’m sure that none of us ladies here would appreciate a man who behaved in such a manner. But I believe we can have both. Nothing is as hot as a man that can make you laugh, in my opinion again of course. And a good dose of humorous sarcastic banter will always get a smile from me. How about a man/hero who can provide me with this and then when I need it most, he’ll simply just be strong and silent and instinctively know that the best thing to say isn’t something sarcastic; it’s to say nothing at all.

    Example jumping into my head is Roarke, of the In Death series that I bet you still havne’t got around to reading. And fair enough, you’re busy busting your fingers on the keyboard but please, grab that Irish rogue when you get the chance and you’ll see exactly what I mean.

    So, sarcastic, strong AND silent. And would it be too much to ask that he have clever hands too?????

    Power on with Alex, I’m sure he’ll have all of the above, with lashings to spare,


  3. Jackie. Sounds great.
    Sarcasm, wit… all adds to the banter. Anything to get ’em talking.


    The name says it all however, Aideen’s description is spot on. If you haven’t already, do yourself a favour and at least read Naked in Death (the 1st in the series).

  4. yes you MUST read the in death series.
    Roarke is to die for. Strong, sarcastic, silent and very good with his hands. Can’t believe you haven’t read him!

    i like all types of heroes, as long as his motives are true and just, really romantic. Especially if they are aimed at protection πŸ™‚

  5. Hey Aideen! Oh yes indeed, his sarcasm has to be balanced with a heroine who can best him otherwise where is the fun? And yes, silence can be good too – when you need it. The trick is to know when. πŸ™‚
    No, haven’t read In Death but you just know I’m going to go out and Google that sucker.

    Lacey – well, hope you get a chance to read him. Otherwise he’ll just stay in my mind, irritating the hell out of me. πŸ™‚

    Veronica – yep, just going to Google it…

    Kerrin – absolutely, getting on to it right now! Oh and you’ll probably like the hero of my latest sub who is all about protection. Now, if only the ed likes him too…

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  8. Or no, whenever midnight in the US is, which won’t be tonight I’m thinking since NZ is pretty much ahead of the rest of the world time-wise…(and no, not saying anything else tho is it tempting). πŸ˜‰

  9. I remember one piece of advice I was given – if you can give them a good enough reason you can get away with your characters doing almost anything.

    I hope we see Alex again soon.

  10. Kudos to you Jackie. I tremble when I have to write the hero when he is in this mode. Sooo difficult to pull off without us readers getting piss*ed off with him for being a jerk. So good for you. Take care. Caroline x

  11. Caroline – well, readers might be p*ssed at him. But if he has a decent enough reason and it’s sympathetic (ie worry about a family member) then they give him lee-way. I think heroes can get away with more than heroines can.

  12. Alex sounds yummy, Jax. Have always had a thing for the strong, silent types though.

    Good luck! Forgive me bing for a nosy, have you finished revising your NaNo WIP. Just trying to draw some much needed inspiration from you.


  13. Hey Sri, sure, be as nosy as you like… No, haven’t finished revising. Done 1st edit though. Going to wait and see what happens with the ed and the synop before I do anything more. Everything kind of depends on what feedback I get.

  14. Aideen!! Shout out to my sister. πŸ™‚ Great words.

    I like all kinds of heroes. Like Aideen said, if the heroine is on par with the hero and she spars with him, then a quick-witted, sarcastic kind of hero is great. But, as I’ve established, I also like a really starched up guy that needs his tie loosened a couple notches. But you can still inject humor and wit there, it just tends to be a little on the dry side, which I’m also a huge fan of.

    Ultimately, I love humor and fast pacing in dialogue. And, I too, am a dialogue fiend. πŸ˜€

  15. I definitely like the quick witted sarcastic types, especially if they have good sense of humour. If, as well as making the heroine hot and bothered, he can make her smile, and appreciate her own bantering then I reckon a book is a winner. Especially love Trish Wylie for the mouthy man. Remember Gabe? maddening, but magnificently memorable.

  16. I love the dialogue you can get going with a hero who is quick witted and a bit sarky although like someone else said, the heroine has to be on his level too. That’s half the fun of a MH I think, the H and h who can spark off each other and give as good as they get.

    Although there’s a lot to be said for a strong silent type too πŸ™‚

  17. Maisey – yes, nothing like a starchy guy needing some loosening.. πŸ™‚ Dry humour is pretty much what I love I have to say.

    Sally – yep, I think I’ve mentioned this before, I like a guy who can laugh at himself as well making the heroine laugh. Especially if she gets one over on him!

    Joanne – yeah, that’s MH all up with the banter.

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