We Shall Fight

We shall fight on the beaches,
We shall fight on the landing grounds,
We shall fight in the fields and in the streets,
We shall fight in the hills;
We shall never surrender.

Thanks Winston. So why am I fighting? Well, my last post was grade A whine material. Now, I was going to apologise for that but I figure part of waiting – for me at least – involves a minor vent and/or whine every now and then, and that was my whine for January. I’ll be allowed one for Febuary but I’ll give myself a bit of time to build up to it. πŸ˜‰

Anyway, the fighting speech is mainly due to a lovely comment Natalie Anderson left on my blog in response to said whine. In fact all of you who read my monotonous musings left great comments, for which I think you very much, but it was Natalie’s that really got to me. ‘You’re a fighter’ she said. Thanks for the reminder, Natalie! Because you’re right. I am a fighter. I don’t like letting things alone or letting things go. I hate stuff getting the better of me. Especially stuff I’m good at! And if there’s one thing I have learned over the Year of the R (2009) is that I can write.

So, forwith the Battle Plan:

1. Strategically attack and conquer Laurie Schnebly Campbell’s Plotting for Motivation course this month.
2. Decimate current WIP by finishing the rewrite and then beat into submission the partial.
3. Cunningly deploy my forces to surround the current crop of new story ideas, winnow the wheat from the chaff, sort out the men from the boys, and decide which WIP shall be the new WIP.
4. Sack and burn the city of TAI, sowing the conquered ground with salt so that NOTHING shall grow. Build new city called NTAI of which I shall be the supreme ruler.
5. Eat more Kohu Road dark chocolate icecream.
6. Storm Kohu Road icecream company, secure ALL their stocks of dark chocolate icecream and enforce martial law whereby they will have to make dark chocolate icecream for me alone.
7. Send out spies for a reconnaissance mission to the London offices of Mills and Boon.
8. Lay out honey traps using Kohu Road dark chocolate icecream.
9. Wait for the editors to fall for said honey traps and the watch the contracts to roll in.
10. Become supreme ruler of the world.

Okay, so there’s a bit of a jump between numbers 9 and 10 but it’s doable, right?


21 thoughts on “We Shall Fight”

  1. Know just how you feel Jackie because yup, it’s not just Nat who has the crows of doubt worse now than before she was published!

    You gotta keep fighting, but a good vent from time to time is essential… Or how else will you keep your spirits up!

    FYI, don’t be discouraged if you have a long wait on your partial. The London office seems to be particularly snowed under at the moment and turnaround times are even longer than usual.

    So, all the more reason to implement your battle plan and get started on global supremacy.

  2. Aha! Jackie! see you over at Laurie’s Plot and Motivation course as I’m doing it 2. I did it last year and am redoing it because it was so great.
    Glad your fine fighting fettle has joined up with mojo and chocolate products to kick self doubt up the bum!

  3. Love the post, Jackie. Can I show what a noob I am and ask what NTAI means? I have a theory. Don’t know if I’ve guessed right.

    In the immortal words of Jason Nesmith, Never Give up, Never surrender.

    (Galaxy Quest. Yes. total geek.)

  4. Heidi – oh, no, not you too! πŸ˜‰ No primrose path to Bestseller land for Jackie! Ah well, good to know those things in advance. Thanks for the understanding re the vent. I’m afraid it’s mandatory for me at certain times. πŸ™‚ And thanks for the heads-up re the London office. Commencing NTAI and world domination…now.

    Janette – indeed. Gotta have Arnie in there.

    Lorraine – hey! Long time no see! Yes, you’re my spy. You can be responsible for over-seeing the icecream drops. πŸ™‚

    Sally – yeah, saw you over there! I’ve never done an online course before so looking forward to it. Self doubt’s bum has been majorly kicked. Going to do some more kicking tonight. πŸ™‚

    Joanne – Thanks! But of course, when I rule the world, there will be publishing contracts for all – but just people I like okay? You’re one of them. For a small fee… πŸ˜‰

    Sri – thanks for that! Yep, looking forward to getting stuck into that.

  5. Jackie, you’re going to love the course, Laurie is really awesome. I did this course last year and worked out an entire new book from it, with the idea seeded from lesson 2 – amazing! The book in question is the one that is lurking unread somewhere in Richmond. I hope its being used as a coffee coaster and will eventually see the light of day (been there since July) and hasn’t been tossed onto the stove to keep the romance gals warm!

  6. Jackie really love your comment about sending spies on a reconnaisance mission, if only! I would love to be a fly on the wall in the mills and boon offices.
    Just remember I’ve already tipped you, that this could be YOUR year!

  7. I figure you have to be a fighter to make it on this path to publication. This process seems to be designed to weed out those that don’t have the stomach, guts or ‘those male round things’. I’ve come to realize you need all of that once you actually get THE CALL cause it sure doesn’t get any easier, possibly just the opposite. You’ll need staying power once you get there. It wouldn’t hurt to be the supreme ruler either.

  8. Maisey – NTAI is a stupid acronym I made up. Not Thinking About It. Relates to subbing. πŸ™‚ I like the motto. Galaxy Quest was a great movie.

    Sally – July?? Woah! That’s a loooong time. You queried? Yeah, looking forward to this course, especially since it’s dealing with my weakness – characters!

    Susan – cheers! Yeah I’m holding out for my year. If I can get through the wait. Sigh. Anyway, I’ll let you know how the recce goes. πŸ˜‰

    Kaily – you’re so right! Yep, don’t think this path gets any easier – at least from what Heidi and Nat say! Ah well, by the time it happens, I shall be supreme ruler of the world so I’m sure it won’t be that bad. πŸ™‚

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