Submission Doubt

I’ve put up my scarecrow again because I’ve got submission doubt and need something to scare away the crows.
These are particularly ornery ones I have to say. It wasn’t so bad the first time around because I was just so pleased to have had a full request. And true, the first lot of revisions were pretty intense but then, woohoo, I’d made it to the full-with-revisions stage and that was a great achievement.

But now I’m starting over and I’m wondering if I can do it again. Published authors must get this when it’s time to submit that second book and you have to prove that the first one was more than a fluke. Obviously I’m not at that stage yet but the full-with-revisions is a pretty high benchmark to have to repeat. What if I can’t? What if they don’t like the story? I think it’s better than my rejected manuscript – I’ve learned so much since then – but what if I’ve missed something vital?

Well, as Michelle S told me, the only thing I can control is the writing. I have to trust that it’s a good story and hope that they’ll want to see the rest of it. So I shall, which is why I’m continuing with writing the rest of it. And if it isn’t then ONE of my stories will get there. I’m damn well going to make certain of it.

I’d just like to say a big thanks at this point to all the lovely people who visit my sorry blog, and to all the other lovely people on the eHarlequin and Mills and Boon forums who have wished me luck. You guys are the best. Determination gets you a long way in this business but it certainly helps having other people being determined with you. So, thanks.

Anyway, I have had confirmation that my partial was received so it’s on with the waiting. And the NTAI. πŸ™‚

PS. Did you know that the guidelines for Mills and Boon have been updated? Here they are here.

13 thoughts on “Submission Doubt”

  1. Published authors get this every time they submit a book. And not just with the second book, it was why every acceptance is a cause for celebration.
    Hang in there. And every bit of revision/editing/ writing you do does improve your ability to handle your talent and hone it.

  2. Jackie, bah to the crows. But I tend to think these nasty old birds come around more when the stakes are higher. You’ve heightened your stakes. So the tip is to believe, of course you can do it!

    I really do think self belief and patience see you through, 2 of the hardest things to master.
    P.S. Loving the sidebar title. Way better than Crimplene

  3. Michelle – I’m sure they do! I have renewed respect for every author that manages to sell their next book. Yes, even if this story isn’t the one, it’s been a huge learning experience for me to actually rewrite it.

    Judy – you’re right, the stakes are high. I’m trying not to believe it so I won’t be disappointed but the real killer is that even if I say ‘this one will never get there’ and it doesn’t, I’ll be disappointed anyway! Oh well, I guess if I didn’t think I could do it, I wouldn’t have submitted again so maybe I tells me something about myself!

    Nah, can’t beat crimplene. πŸ™‚

  4. Can I borrow your scarecrow? Am thinking about doing my own doubt post! I’m suffering severe mid-book doubts lately. I’m steaming along until the half way mark and then I start wondering if the book is actually any good at all and if I have the ability to finish and make it sparkle. Tsk… tsk!

  5. Somebody once told me that the only thing you should fear in life is being still.

    You are not ‘being still’ Jackie. You are proactive, just like the heroines you are bravely submitting. Just think of yourself in the pages of a book and believe in the HEA you so truly deserve.

    Banish that scarecrow, at least until next time!


  6. Rach – I am right where you are. Mid book and wondering what the hell I’m doing and whether this story is any good. It’s annoying hey?

    Thanks Aideen! That’s a lovely way of putting it actually. I WILL get my HEA. I’m just impatient though and I want it NOW. πŸ™‚

  7. I like what Aideen said! You are Proactive Woman the newest superhero able to sign multiple book contracts in a single bound! I think you’re doing fabulously all we have to do is put those birds in a pie πŸ˜‰

  8. Jackie – what can i say that has not already been said? i know this might sound a bit strange, but sometimes we all need to be a bit like Dory from Finding Nemo. No the lack of memory part (although, that might have some merit in itself at times), but the ‘just keep swimming, just keep swimming’ part. Sometimes the only thing to do is keep moving forward .

  9. Lacey – LOL! I like Proactive Woman! Perhaps one of my special powers (apart from multi book contracts) is the ability to speed up the time an editor takes to look at a sub.
    Hmmm, must get myself a t-shirt printed off.

    Janette – Yeah, Dory knows what she’s talking about. Swimming I can do. πŸ™‚

  10. I think the thing to remember is that EM was written eons ago in terms of how much you’ve learnt in the past year.
    Just remember that they like you and you are going to get there. In the mean time try to have as much fun as you possibly can (Great Uncle Visa is not going to be happy but then he is a grumpy git and he’ll get over it πŸ™‚

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