Seven Random Facts

The beauteous Rach (newcarinauthorbookoutinDecemberbuyitbuyitBUYIT!!!) has nominated me for a blog award that means I have to reveal seven random facts about myself. Okay, so here goes:1. I am a romance writer. Yes, shocking and you totally didn’t know it right? Unpublished still but not unhopeful. 2. I have hereditary deafness and as I’m getting sick … Continue reading “Seven Random Facts”

Building a Heroine (and An Award)

I’ve been putting this off because quite frankly, heroines are not my strong point. I prefer heroes because, well, to be honest, I’m way more interested in him than I am in her. And possibly also because I’m just not very good at writing a decent heroine. I think the only one of mine that … Continue reading “Building a Heroine (and An Award)”