The Red String Bracelet Or The Problem with Quirks

Thanks everyone for the great input on my last post! Got some great ideas. You rock, did you know that? Anyway, still on the subject of my difficulties with heroines, I had a bit of a brainwave today. It actually happened while I was doing a pilates class (as you do). I realised that in … Continue reading “The Red String Bracelet Or The Problem with Quirks”

A Missive from the Deep South – On Heroines

Still adventuring in the wilds of New Zealand’s South Island. We’re in Dunedin, the southern most city and I have been searching in vain for wireless internet. I think poor old NZ is rather foot-dragging when it comes to providing free wireless hotspots because there ain’t none around here. Luckily Dr Jax has an iPhone … Continue reading “A Missive from the Deep South – On Heroines”

I Am a Rock. I Am An Island.

It’s hard when you have a hero who won’t open up – like Lorraine said in her post, how is the heroine supposed figure him out when he won’t tell her anything?? I’ve saddled myself with a particularly difficult customer. My hero is a climber and they are notorious for being the strong, silent type. … Continue reading “I Am a Rock. I Am An Island.”

Presents Writing Competition

Great news re the new competition at I Heart Presents. Another fabulous opportunity for people to bypass the usual wait and get their stuff in front of an editor. Seeing as how I was a runner up in the previous comp and given what I’ve learned since, thought I’d post a few bits of advice … Continue reading “Presents Writing Competition”