The Unbearable Lightness of an Old MS

This week has been a nightmare. School holidays, massive colds for both children, a broken leg that’s taking ages to get better, and a husband who also has a cold… Argh. Where’s my holiday?? As per usual I want to write and am frustrated by not being able to. Also frustrating are the doubt crows … Continue reading “The Unbearable Lightness of an Old MS”

Control, Alt, Delete…

I deleted 4k yesterday. Yep, after a whole day sweating over all those words, I decided that there was a reason I was sweating over them and that reason was because they were crap. Honestly, you’d think I would know this stuff by now but no, after two years of short category discipline, I still … Continue reading “Control, Alt, Delete…”

You Learn Something New Every Day

Well, what a weekend it’s been. My poor husband has been in despair. Mainly because I am being very mono-manic about my writing!Why? Because I’ve been inspired! After the wonderful Michelle Styles offered to look over the synopses of my next two subs, I have been having lightbulb moment after lightbulb moment. I think I … Continue reading “You Learn Something New Every Day”