Dealing with the Whataboutmes

Trying to haul myself out of the blahs with a post over at the Sisters about how to deal with a bad case of the ‘whataboutmes’. And if you want to know what they are, here’s the link: What about me? If you don’t, here’s a picture of Andy Whitfield from Spartacus instead. Are you … Continue reading “Dealing with the Whataboutmes”

Extra Special Treat for Lovers of Modern Heat

Very excited to say that Natalie Anderson, Modern Heat writer extraordinaire and USA Today bestselling author, is guesting on the Sister’s site, like, RIGHT NOW! So if you want to hear about her favourite hero, her upcoming release, plus some hot writing tips, trot along to the Sisters site. And if that isn’t enough to … Continue reading “Extra Special Treat for Lovers of Modern Heat”

Jackie is Climbing the Mountain

Chapters 2 and 3 are now in the hands of the editor. So is my sorry excuse for a synopsis. I’m not very good at them I’ve decided. I hope it was better than my last one – I think it is. I concentrated entirely on the emotional growth of the romance with barely any … Continue reading “Jackie is Climbing the Mountain”