Too Many Eggs and Not Enough Baskets

I’m wondering about eggs. And baskets. And wondering if I’ve got too many in one place with the whole Modern Heat thing. Because that’s the only line I’m targetting at the moment. Mainly because I really, really wanted to get a handle on it and doing anything else felt like changing my focus. Yeah, I’m … Continue reading “Too Many Eggs and Not Enough Baskets”

Climbing Everest

I’ve been thinking about how tough this business is the past couple weeks – while I’ve been waiting unsurprisingly – and wondering at what point people give up. Is it worth the constant feeling of impatience? The feeling of sickness when you download your email in the morning? The disappointment when there is no answer … Continue reading “Climbing Everest”

Jackie Ashenden and the Inbox of Doom

After nearly two weeks of waiting by the Inbox of Doom, nothing. I was kind of hoping not to post until I had news to relate but, sadly, I have no news to relate. No boulders falling from the sky. No snakes. No flaming arrows flying at my head. No jewels waiting on the head … Continue reading “Jackie Ashenden and the Inbox of Doom”

The Importance of Being Nervous

Why am I nervous? Because I’ve heard from the editor that I’ve been working with and she’s told me that she should be getting to my partial in the next couple of weeks. Argh!!! And I’ve gone from impatient waiting to nervous twitching instead. Perhaps it’s nicer not knowing. Because when you don’t know, you … Continue reading “The Importance of Being Nervous”