The Red String Bracelet Or The Problem with Quirks

Thanks everyone for the great input on my last post! Got some great ideas. You rock, did you know that? Anyway, still on the subject of my difficulties with heroines, I had a bit of a brainwave today. It actually happened while I was doing a pilates class (as you do). I realised that in … Continue reading “The Red String Bracelet Or The Problem with Quirks”

A Riddle Inside A Mystery Wrapped In An Enigma

No, I’m not talking about Russia (thanks Winston Churchill), I’m talking about the wretchedness that is internal conflict. As you know (or should know by now!) internal conflict is where Modern Heat/Modern is at and you’d think, after a year of learning about this, I would have finally figured it out. Nup. Witness my Kate’n’Alex … Continue reading “A Riddle Inside A Mystery Wrapped In An Enigma”

In the Millionaire Playboy Psychiatrist’s Penthouse

Two out the four statements in the above title are true and I’ll leave you to figure out which ones are which… Yes, it is a little bit sad to be posting a blog entry while I’m on holiday but a) wouldn’t you know it, I have a cold and am holed up in our … Continue reading “In the Millionaire Playboy Psychiatrist’s Penthouse”